Disclaimer: I know that I know nothing.


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Everything seen on my page is an opinion. 

The content(s) of this website is not for everybody. Most visitors probably do not read the Introduction To The Culture Wars | Debarelli.com, or they fail to comprehend the purpose of this website altogether. Alternatively, maybe along the way you lost sight. If the posts are problematic for you, unsubscribe. Nobody can protect you from yourself. You are not cut out for the road ahead in any event. None of us has control over the things that are happening, yet we observe them and in turn we learn. Article 19 

In case you missed it, self-determination is the goal. If words, concepts, and ideas trigger your personal identity complexes, unsubscribe. Even better, work on ridding yourself of them as they are keeping you in a weakened state.


If you consider yourself a warrior, stay with me. We will find out.